Manifest Your Goals Workshop 2017

Turns your Dreams into Reality

Join Cheryne for a powerful 2 day workshop to learn how to manifest your goals in a powerful way in 2017. This year we take goal setting to a whole new level and shift our focus from simple goal setting to manifesting magic in our lives. Based on numerology 2017 is a #1 which signifies new beginnings, new ways and new opportunities. What a perfect year to turn up your manifestation powers and do things in a new and improved way!

Day 1- Learn the 3 Steps to Manifestation

Day 1 begins with with learning the 3 steps to Manifestation: Clarity, Tenacity & Action. Read my latest blog post to find out more about these 3 powerful steps.

Connect to Your Soul’s Deepest Desires Guided Meditation

We will then do a guided meditation to get still, quiet and tune into your souls deepest desires. You will then have the clarity to know what you want to manifest in your life.

Create Your Action Plan and Your Vision

We will complete day 1 by writing out your very own vision and action plan to support your goals

Day 2- Create Your Own Vision Board

Day 2 is all about creation. We will take your action plan and vision and turn it into a vision board. On this day you will have the space to create your very own vision board as a magnetic tool to keep you focus on your miraculous manifestations. This is a great space to be with like minded people in a supportive and creative environment

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Day 1: Sunday 12 February 2017,  10am -1pm

Day 2: Sunday 19 February 2017, 1pm-4pm


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Cheryne Blom’s Vision Board Workshop changed my life. It gave me clarity and focus on what I truly wanted in my life. I am now enjoying my healthy life with my dream man, I have manifested 2 successful businesses and a magical life I dreamed into reality.

Amanda Campbell

Bend Like Bamboo