Casual Mindfulness Meditation

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Group guided meditation sessions:

  • Classes commence Monday 6 February 2017 at 7:30pm and will run fortnightly from that date
  • Includes a short lesson, guided meditation and tea chat
  • Lead by Cheryne Blom

Benefits & Features

Meditation has been proved to help with anxiety, stress, pain management, insomnia, lower blood pressure, improve mind focus, improve work performance, foster resilience, self empowerment, and optimism.

Meditation helps to train the brain to have greater focus, concentration and emotional management.

More Information

  • Held at The Labyrinth Lane, 110 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale 3185
  • Please bring water bottle, yoga mat and your own blanket.
  • Starts at 7:30pm
  • Cost $20 (Please note $0.50 surcharge on EFTPOS payments) CLASS PASS: $100 for a 6 class pass (valid until December 20, 2017)

Upcoming Dates:
February                                                  March                
6 February 2017                                         6 March 2017
20 February 2017                                      20 March 2017
April                                                          May                                June
3 April 2017                                                1 May 2017           12 June 2017
17 April 2017                                             15 May 2017          26 June 2017
July                                                           August
10 July 2017                                             7 August 2017
24 July 2017                                            21 August 2017
 (Please note, there is no class on 29 May 2017)

Customer Testimonials

I slept for the first time in 26 years after your meditation class. Thank you!” Diane, Melbourne

“Cheryne is an insightful life coach and a spiritual mentor; she makes the concept of meditation easy to grasp. Cheryne’s meditation class has helped me to foster a spiritual connection to my inner self that has left me feeling grounded and focused.” Anne, Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have never meditated before? Cheryne teaches a very simple meditation technique called MIND FOCUS MEDITATION which helps program the senses in a powerful way to stay focused. Cheryne guides you through the whole session and prompts you to continue to bring the mind back into focus.
Will I be able to learn meditation? Many people who have attended Cheryne’s classes have come with this question and have been able to get into the meditation right away. Because Cheryne has a talent for helping you relax and stay attentive you will learn the simple techniques needed to meditate .

What type of meditation do you teach?  Cheryne teaches her own style of meditation called Mind Focus Meditation which is an integration of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Creative Visualization.
Can I lie down? Cheryne believes that one must be comfortable while learning how to meditate and you will have the choice to sit or lie down depending on what works for you.
Can I record the meditation on my phone? Many people chose to record the meditation sessions so that they can practice in their own time in between classes.

>>>>>>>Listen to guided meditations now on Cheryne’s Podcast: Peace in my Pocket<<<<<<<