Workshops and Retreats

 To help you immerse yourself in your self-development and mindfulness journey here are classes, workshops, and retreats which you can enjoy to learn the skills and strategies to bring greater calmness, clarity and confidence into your life.

heart breathing

Casual Mindfulness Meditation Classes 

Each class is designed to help you learn the skills and techniques to master Mindfulness Meditation.

Increase calmness
Dissolve Anxiety
Improve sleep quality
Silence a busy mind
Foster emotional management

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Love by Design Couples Retreat 2018

Love by design, is a weekend escape in luxury, for couples wanting to design their own relationship blueprint suiting their unique family needs. This is a weekend for couples ready to upskill their relationship strategies and take their love to another level. Perfect for newlyweds just starting out, as well as couples who have been together for many years and want a deeper connection. Love by Design is the perfect reconnection-tool for couples who have lost their spark or cannot resolve conflict and feel stuck in gridlock.

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The resilience toolbox 1

The Resilience Toolbox for Children

A Mindfulness Program for your children teaching them the skills, techniques, and benefits of Mindfulness to enhance resilience, empowerment and optimism.

Help your child manage stress, anxiety, sleep better, having greater concentration and self-management.

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