Weekend Retreats 2017

A weekend retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to take a break from the daily grind and chaos of life and relax in a nurturing space just for you. No one to look after, no one asking anything of you…nothing to fix, no demands…no one to cook for and nothing to clean…

This is the perfect space for you to fill up your full tank and rejuvenate your energy so that you can give back even more to all the special people in your life. When your inner fuel tank is empty, you may feel resentful towards the many roles you play, but when your tank is full, people get the best versions of you. You are able to stay focused, grounded and heart centered- remain in a space of gratitude and appreciation.


The Rest & Restore Retreat – 4-6 August 2017

This is a retreat not to be missed! This is a  weekend to give you a mid year break so that you do not burn out or experience mid year fatigue.

This is a weekend for you to fill up your inner energy tank with daily Tai Chi Gong Classes, Guided Meditations,Self Reflective Workshops, Nature Walks, Spa Treatments, and much more. Recharge in a serene setting designed to uplift your soul.

This retreat will be held at the beautiful Amarant Retreat, Don Valley, Victoria

Dates are as follows: Friday 4  August- Sunday 6  August 2017


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Building Bridges Relationship Retreat

A retreat for couples reading to take their relationship to another level

This is a very special and unique retreat to work on your most important relationship. This is a weekend to Reconnect, Relax and Recharge your relationship and take yourselves to the next level of love and connection.

This retreat focuses on workshops which enhance and deepen your connection and understanding of each other. We explore developing effective communication skills and dissolving cycles of conflict, identifying and understanding each other’s love language, setting combined family values, dissolving resentment and how to share more intimacy and heart connection.

You will also enjoy daily Tai Chi Gong classes, Guided Meditation, Nourishing Food and Time in Nature in a supportive and nurturing environment. Perfect for couples at any stage of their relationship and open to same sex relationships.

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 What past retreat attendees are saying about Cheryne’s weekend retreats?

“Sometime someone comes into your life and changes it significantly. For me this was Cheryne. We met via a recommendation and our connection was instant. She was the first person to help me totally disconnect and also to meditate. She also worked closely with me on my life purpose and living 100% authentically. I look forward to seeing her and for those who would like to live their life to their fullest potential, I could not recommend more. ” Chrissie Maus, Melbourne

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