The Resilience Toolbox Private Classes

These classes are through Sh@are Community Campus

Firbank Grammar School Sandringham

A Maximum of 25 children per class

Perfect for children aged 8-12yo

Investment: $80 per 4 week program

Upcoming Class details:

Venue:      Firbank Grammar School Sandringham House
45 Royal Ave, Sandringham

Date:        Term 3 Dates:   August 1, 8, 15 and 22nd 2016

TIME:       4pm- 4:50pm  (If your child is at Firbank Grammar School or arrives early, I offer them a Mindful colouring Activity until the class begins, so they can come to class as school finishes)

4 Week Program includes:

Introduction to Mindfulness and how it helps us be more resilient

The 3 keys to helping the Mind learn to be resilient : Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

  • in each week we focus on programming our senses to bring us into the present moment
  • Visual class focuses on learning how to use visualization as a relaxation technique and foster mindfulness
  • Auditory class focuses on engaging the sense of hearing to practice being more in the now
  • Kinesthetic class focuses on engaging the body and primarily the breath

Each class begins with a mindful eating exercise where the kids are given a healthy snack and asked to eat mindfully

These classes will help:

Manage Anxiety

Manage Stress/ fear

Cultivate Optimism and Strength

Learn the principles of mindfulness including cultivating a practice of compassion and self compassion

Research studies also now show how learning mindfulness help children study better and retain information into memory

Please contact us to book in