The Resilience Toolbox for Children

mindfulness for kids

The Resilience Tool Box is a  Mindfulness Program teaching children the skills, techniques, and benefits of mindfulness to enhance resilience, empowerment and optimism.

Research now shows Mindfulness helps students:

• Focus more in class • Have awareness of their thoughts, emotions and body
• Reduce anxiety and lower stress levels • Improve impulse control and self-management
• Increase in Executive Functioning as structural changes occur in the Pre Frontal Cortex
• Teaches children core values of kindness, compassion, patience, connection, awareness and emotional management.
• Effective in treating illness, anxiety, stress, and depression

Learning outcomes

• Brain functioning and how emotions operate • How the mind takes in information through the sensesThe resilience toolbox 1
• How to control the mind by directing our senses to an intentional focus point
• How to gain self-awareness, detachment and a non-judgmental mindset
• How to practice mindfulness regularly and in everyday experiences

Each class comprises of a 50 minute lesson which includes a guided meditation. Classes can be custom built to specific time specifications and term themes. All classes are adjusted to be age appropriate for child’s growth level.

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