Sarah, Melbourne Australia

I highly recommend Cheryne as a coach as she will change your life for the better. Cheryne has now been my coach for five years and I have since recommended nine people to see her – all of which say she has changed their life and continue to see her. The evidence is in this I believe. If you are looking for someone that is upfront and will tell you the truth (not what you want to hear), give you strategies to deal with various situations and assist you in reaching your personal and professional goals, Cheryne is the coach you want on your sideline cheering you on.

I now have more clarity, great strategies to deal with a host of situations and awareness about old habits and creating new positive habits and beliefs. Whilst friends can give the best advice to their ability, they are unable to give you un-biased advice and strategies as they know you personally and are often attached to the situation and outcome because this is only natural. For a coach it isn’t personal (in a very good way) and for this reason you are able to attain balanced views and strategies. Having a personal/professional coach is an absolute investment in yourself and definitely worth every dollar. Make the investment for yourself and book an intro session to see why Cheryne is changing so many lives for the better…By making this decision you will have opened the door to a new way of life and will start feeling amazing about many things.