Mindfulness @ Work

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Programs specializing in Mindfulness, Stress Management, Empowerment and Resilience.


This is a powerful 4 week course for children in Primary School and can be adapted for High School Teenagers as well.

Students learn the basics of Mindfulness to foster enhanced resilience, empowerment and optimism.

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Empower your Staff with the tools to develop Resilience, Empowerment and Optimism.

Your staff learn the principles of Mind Focus and how to direct their mind to increase energy, creativity, production and be more present at work

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calm in chaos

BE A MINDFUL YOU onsite training!


Learn the principles of Mindfulness and Mind Focus Meditation to help increase work performance, productivity, focus, creativity and a positive and healthy environment

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mindful classrooms

Training for Teacher

Empower your Teachers with the knowledge to bring the principles of Mindfulness to the classroom.

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Why hire Cheryne to motivate your staff or next event?

Cheryne is a generous and entertaining speaker who offers a wealth of practical knowledge and advice. Your team will be engaged, entertained and enthused and will walk away with tangible tips they can use in all areas of their lives.
Cheryne is dynamic, energetic and witty and will ensure you know how to re-program and train your brain to function at its fullest potential

Hot Topics:
Mind Management for Peak Performance
Mind Management and leadership skills
Mind management for work-life balance
Mind Focus Training (MFT)

Mind Management is the ability to manage your thoughts and emotions in order to achieve success in every area of your life. Mind management is an integration of neuro-science, positive psychology, CBT and mindfulness and offers a complete model of self management and transformation.

Cheryne’s exclusive MIND FOCUS TRAINING (MFT)  is her own unique model which teaches you how to activate higher brain functioning. MFT is an extension on meditation and mindfulness with the inclusion of focused thought and breathing to empower the body to activate its innate functioning
30 Minute keynote presentation
60 minute Keynote presentation
90 minute keynote presentation
Half day workshops
Full day trainings
Customized wellness retreats in Victoria and Bali