Manifestation Workshop

How to Manifest Your Deepest Desires in 2018

Are you tired of reaching the end of the year and thinking that another 12 months slipped through your fingers without you achieving your deepest goals and desires? Are you tired of the sabotage– the disappointment in yourself, the stuckness caused by lack of action or the confusion because you actually lack clarity, focus and direction?

Join Cheryne in a 2 part workshop series to learn how you can activate your manifestation powers and create your best year yet. This powerful workshop shifts the focus away from empty goal setting towards a mindset of intentional creation- this is the awareness that you are the creator of your life and when connected, calm, clear and confident you can manifest whatever you truly desire for yourself.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, and like a rat on a treadmill we just keep repeating the same thoughts, the same habits and the make the same choices which ultimately keep us stuck in our comfort zone.

So these two days are designed to help you break out of smallness and get really clear and connected to what you really want.

  • Learn the 5 steps to manifestation- the actual pathway to unlocking your manifestation potential
  • Understand why you keep letting yourself down and what is blocking you
  • Learn how to eliminate unnecessary distractions and finally commit to yourself
  • Learn how to activate your mindset of Intentional Creation
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Day 1 – The Art and Science of Manifestation

Saturday 20 January 2018
Times 10am-3pm
Venue: Bayside Victoria (details sent after booking)

  • Learn the 5 step formula to manifestation
  • Ensure you are not blocking your ability to manifest your deepest desires
  • Attain clarity around what you truly desire
  • Reign in your inner critic (your negative self-talk) and any other negative distractions draining your focus
  • Navigate a clear strategy to ensure your energy and time are fully focused in 2018

On day 1 of our workshop series, you will learn the skills needed to set up your year and ensure you have your most powerful year to date.

2018 is a number 11 year. According to ancient numerology, an 11 year is all about manifestation and stepping into your truth. So the energy of 2018 offers you an amazing opportunity to finally achieve your deepest desires- the stars are on your side 🙂

Day 2- Create a Vision Board Workshop

Saturday 17 February 2018
Times 1pm-4pm
Venue: Bayside Victoria (details sent after booking)

A vision board is a powerful tool to keep you focused and on track throughout your year.

This is a day to roll up your sleeves, use all the knowledge you gained from our day 1 workshop and put your clarity vision on to paper.

For the past 10 years I have been running vision board workshops and each year I am blown away by the manifestation stories I hear.  And yours is next!

  • Have the space to create your vision board in a positive environment with like-minded people.
  • Follow a simple yet powerful process of designing your ideal vision board
  • Have the opportunity to be coached and guided
  • All materials provided

Total Investment: $97 (for both days; includes all materials) Find out more!

Customer Testimonials

Cheryne Blom’s Vision Board Workshop changed my life. It gave me clarity and focus on what I truly wanted in my life. I am now enjoying my healthy life with my dream man, I have manifested 2 successful businesses and a magical life I dreamed into reality.

Amanda Campbell

Bend Like Bamboo

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Chrissie Maus


Sometimes someone comes into your life and changes it significantly. For me this was Cheryne. We met via a recommendation and our connection was instant. She was the first person to help me totally disconnect and also to meditate. She also worked closely with me on my life purpose and living 100% authentically. I look forward to seeing her and for those who would like to live their life to their fullest potential, I could not recommend more.[/Thank you for everything. I didn’t realize how much I needed coaching until I started.testimonial]

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