Feelings List

Here a list of the most common personal values I have heard.

Our values represent the positive emotions or feelings we wish to experience in every moment. Each one is a positive mindset and offers you an alternative to fear and negativity.

Our values also identify our highest virtues, which are our greatest strength. By identifying your values/virtues you create a roadmap to living your full potential. And living in alignment with your values means you align your thoughts, beliefs and actions around your values.

Questions to identify your values

Look through the list below and select the top 10 emotions/mindsets you wish to experience every day

If you had a magic wand, and could, miraculously create your ideal self, what 10 emotions from this list would you chose to describe this best version of yourself?

Imagine feeling no fear and fill yourself with self-belief, trust and faith- what are the top 10 emotions you feel?

Reflect on when you are feeling your strongest and happiest, what 10 emotions do you feel?

Look back at yourself as a child, before any fear or self-doubt kicked in, what emotions did you feel?

Think of the goals you have set for yourself, for example, find my life partner, change careers, make new friends, become a parent, lose weight, be fitter, travel or be less stressed.

Now think of what that goal will help you achieve- how will you feel when you have reached your goal? For example, finding a partner could give you a feeling of Love, change careers may help you feel Purpose, become a parent, Fulfilled, losing weight, Healthy, being more fit, Strength/Vitality, travel, Adventure and less stressed, Calm.

Your top values, therefore would be Love, Purpose, Fulfillment, Health, Strength, Adventure and Calm- imagine living your life, experiencing those ideal emotions every day?

Please contact me if you would like to book a values alignment session and create your own personal blueprint.

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