Coaching for kids

happy children

Confidence, trust and belief

This is a space for children aged 8+ to learn how to manage their thoughts, emotions, feelings and communication so that they can be more confident and resilient in their everyday lives.


  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to trust self and manage negative thoughts
  • Learn how to be more focused and goal oriented

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How your child will benefit

Cheryne has a beautiful way of connecting with children and speaking on their level to help them express their feelings and learn how to manage themselves in difficult situations. These young years are known as our imprint years and the beliefs and thoughts we create in our childhood years become our map or the lens through which we see the world and determine all our decisions for ourselves. In the coaching process we ensure your children are developing healthy and resourceful beliefs for themselves and the way they see the world so they can make good decisions for their future.

“I give the kids I work with all the wisdom and the knowledge I wish I had as a child.” Cheryne 

What concerns your children my have

  • Difficulty fitting in with others
  • Being bullied at school
  • Difficulty focusing in class
  • Lack of confidence to speak up or try new things
  • Difficulty sleeping or nightmares
  • Regressed behavior (example: bed wetting)
  • Adapting to separation/divorce or blended family issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Grief or loss
  • Eating disorders

Frequently Asked Questions

What coaching models do you follow? I use an integrated approach using NLP, CBT, & Mindfulness  . Do you have your working with children’s license? Yes.

How do I explain this to my children to get them to agree to it? Cheryne can help you feel more calm at school and with your friends and help you sleep better and concentrate more. After our initial phone conversation I will offer you specific guidance as to how to present it to your child.  Will this benefit my child on the spectrum or with special needs?  Yes, I have had great success with kids on the spectrum teaching them to connect with their breath to help manage their thoughts and feelings and build confidence to socialize and challenge themselves