Calm Among the Chaos Meditation Workshop

The end of year can be a time of great joy and excitement and also a time of stress and overwhelm.

So there is no better time to take a day for yourself and step out of the chaos of life and spend a few hours finding your calm and centeredness and refuel yourself so that you do not get end of year burn out.

Please join me for a one day retreat at the beautiful Riverbell in Gembrook (only 45 mins from Melbourne) to learn about Mind Focus Meditation and how you can stay calm among the chaos. In the morning we will focus on the background concepts, so you can learn the tools and the steps, we will then have a beautiful lunch and then spend the afternoon meditating and learning how to use Mindfulness to keep you calm and centered.

Here are the details:

DATE: Sunday 13 November 2016

VENUE: Riverbell at Gembrook, Victoria 

TIME: 10am-3pm (Includes delicious lunch)

Investment: $120/person or $210/couple

Only 15 spots available so please let me know at your earliest if you can make it. I look forward to seeing you there.

On this day, you will learn the following:

  • What is Mind Focus Meditation and how you can apply it into your life to keep you calm and focused
  • How to recognize stress and burn out in your body
  • How to meditate (learn my actually experiencing meditation and how to bring it into your day.