About Cheryne

Cheryne BW
Bachelors Degree in Psychology
Diploma of Counselling
Cert IV in Life Coaching
NLP Practitioner
Time Line Practitioner
Diploma of Mindfulness
Meditation Instructor
Tai Chi Gong Instructor

Happily Married Proud Mum of 3

Who am I?

Thank you for taking the time to read more about me and my philosophy. I am a Human Potentialist passionate about helping you discover your full potential.

I am a Mindfulness Coach and Expert and am passionate about sharing my powerful tools with you to achieve a life of Calm, Clarity and Confident Courage.

I am a thought-provoking leader and game changer, who has been on one heck of a journey through life and love. The richness of my own life experiences has built my strengths as a coach as they provide me with the empathy, compassion and understanding to comprehend and decode human behavior.

I believe we are here to discover the true essence of who we are and our authentic life purpose. This means shedding the old, unresourceful behaviors which no longer serve us and learning about who we are, what we want and how to redesign our lives in alignment with what makes us happy.

As your coach, I travel alongside you on a path of self-discovery, in a supportive, non-judgmental and empowering environment to help you unblock and release hidden fears. Many of my clients tell me that I help them discover parts of themselves they never knew existed. And with that self-awareness, they gain the confidence and the clarity to move forward in their lives.

I use an intuitive and integrative approach including NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), positive psychology, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), stress management, mindfulness, grounded spiritualism, wellness and my own wisdom to help you create a practical and logical plan to achieve authentic happiness in your life.

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