6 Core Wounds and a Pathway Beyond Them


For over a decade I’ve been researching the effects of fear on the mind, body and soul.

One profound discovery was the existence of 6 core wounds stored within our emotional body.

In my upcoming book, The Essence of You, I identify the following 6 core wounds:

Rejection                              Uncertainty                      Abandonment                  

Judgement/criticism           Humiliation                      Failure

These 6 core wounds are formed very early in childhood when we experience significant emotional events.

Examples of these Defining Moments include:

  • A parent leaving/passing away
  • Emotional/physical/sexual abuse
  • Kids teasing/bullying
  • Parent/teacher humiliation
  • Perceived failure
  • Pain/illness
  • Trauma

In these moments we experience heightened emotions that shake the certainty of our world. The pain and residue get stored in our cellular memory as emotional wounds. The greater the emotional impact, the greater the wound. Think of a meteorite crashing down onto earth – the stronger the force, the deeper the imprint.

Based on our perception of the event, we make decisions about our world, people and ourselves. These decisions form the imprint of our belief system. This becomes the lens through which we experience reality. We make adjustments or adaptations to our essential nature to protect us from feeling these wounds: we may become guarded as a way to shield the heart from rejection. We may learn not to speak up for ourselves in fear of humiliation or judgment. Or we may not fully commit to relationships in fear of abandonment.

Every time the subconscious mind perceives a similar event, or emotion, these wounds are triggered, and we re-experience the pain (physically and emotionally). Because we cannot see these emotional wounds, we often forget about them and end up blaming the person or situation (outside of ourselves). In reality, we are not reacting to them, we are subconsciously experiencing the stored memory. These stressful situations or people are simply pushing our pain buttons.

So, therefore, it can be said that If there was no button (or wound), then nothing would trigger us. Right?

If only it was that easy. The pathway to healing these wounds involves a journey into your memories. When you explore the decisions and perceptions you formed in your defining moments, you can become aware of the emotional pain stored in your body. You can become aware of the story you made in those moments of pain and notice how that story wounded your consciousness. With awareness, true healing can begin.

Here is a gentle exercise to help you heal your emotional wounds. Although this is a shortened version, the complete exercise will be offered in The Essence of You:

  1. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take 6-8 deep breaths. Feel your breath moving up and down your body.
  2. Bring your awareness to your Emotional-Centre-Line. Your Emotional-Centre-Line (ECL) is an imaginary column that runs through the innermost core of your body. The ECL extends from your throat to your belly. It is believed that all our emotions and memories are stored along our ECL. It t is often referred to as our “inner child.”
  3. Notice what physical sensations exist along your ECL. This may feel like tension, tightness, anxiety, restlessness or pain in your body. These sensations point out where your emotional wounds are stored in your body.
  4. As you tune into that part of your body, notice what feelings you are feeling.
  5. Notice if there are any memories or thoughts coming to mind as you focus on those feelings. (This may take a bit of time, so simply observe what comes up for you)
  6. Imagine that the flow of your breath is like two gentle hands soothing the erupting emotions along your ECL. Imagine your breath soothing/comforting your ‘inner child.’
  7. Now, imagine having a conversation, from your higher (adult) self to your inner child. What would you tell your inner child? How can you reframe your painful story of the past into a story that uplifts and empowers you? What are the lessons you need to learn?

As you reframe your story, you move the stored pain out of your cells. You shift your energy and shift your consciousness. This allows you to have a refreshed level of awareness and begin to see the world through your wisdom rather than through your wounds.

The more you let go of your ‘story of limitation’ and embrace your ‘story of empowerment’ you let go, grow and heal.

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