The Greatest Toxin in the World is . . .

Twelve years ago I was fast asleep as one usually is at 2 am. Suddenly, I woke up to an internal dialogue. At first, I thought it was my own thoughts, but as I tuned in, it felt as if I was receiving universal guidance. I quickly reached over to my bedside table for a pen and paper and began to scribble fast.

This is what I heard:

There is only one toxin in the world. And it is not what people think. It is not drugs, nor alcohol, nor chocolate, nor coffee… This toxin is blocking us and creating darkness and despair… It is like a black cloud that enters the natural effervescent bubble of our being. As we let it in, it seeps into our Essence and clouds our clarity, leaving us feeling heavy. It depletes our energy and lowers our vibration. It leaves us feeling depressed, anxious, restless and stressed. It drains our self-belief and pollutes the purity of our thoughts. It fills us with self-pity, self-doubt and self-sabotage.

                As we let this toxin into our consciousness, it takes over our perception of reality. We lose ourselves in this intoxicated state and forget who we truly are.

                It has created damage and destruction in our world. It has caused unrest, fighting and war. It feeds off our insecurities and demands power. Like a parasite draining its host, it weakens the body and shakes us to the very core of our being.

                This inner leech is often hidden under layers of self-protection. Most people are unaware of this intoxicated state. Most people blame something outside of themselves as the core of their stress or power loss, but it is this internal substance that is weakening mankind. 

                This toxin causes a split in personalities. Because we forget our truth, we develop a persona to mask our pain. It is what fuels the Ego-self.

                This toxin that exists within each one of us is fear. Fear is at the root of addiction, sadness, depression, anxiety and chaos. People need to learn how to let go of fear if they are to change their thinking. A pure mind will create a pure heart, and a pure heart experiences personal freedom and empowerment.” (Excerpt from The Essence of You)

These words changed my life. From that moment on, I understood my role as a life coach- to help people dissolve their inner fear and return to the Essence of who they are.

But what is at the core of our fear?

This question awakened a deep desire in me to understand personal transformation and empowerment. I have spent over a decade in my coaching practice researching the elements I received from this cosmic download. With thanks to the hundreds of clients I have had the honour to work with, I have weaved my findings into a supportive process of transformation that I share in my upcoming book.

The Essence of You is a guide to help you tame your Ego, discover your authentic self and master your life’s purpose. My deepest wish, with this book, is that you gain the tools to transcend your fear and return to the natural Essence you were born as. In your Essence lies your unique character strengths, gifted to you at birth, that help you master what you came here to achieve. With vulnerability, I share with you my personal story, client anecdotes and simple exercises to help you rediscover and reconnect with your best self.

One of the most profound discoveries I found was the awareness of what lies in the core of all our fear. Hidden under layers of protection and emotion are three self-limiting beliefs that rob us of our personal power. These fears are what ‘fill us with self-pity, self-doubt and self-sabotage.’ These three destructive beliefs are: I am not worthy, I am not good enough and I am not loved. When we remove these toxic seeds from our consciousness we can begin to thrive in our lives.

Awareness is the first step. So, begin to notice how these beliefs are showing up in what you think, feel and do. With awareness, you can begin to heal the damage of this toxicity. I look forward to sharing more tools of transformation when the book is released.

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