The Ultimate Freedom is a Freedom from Fear!

In one of my previous posts entitled, The Deep Yearning within Every Soul, I discussed how many of us are searching for freedom- freedom to be our truth, freedom to go after what we want and freedom to live life on our own terms. In order to achieve such freedom, we must know how to manage and dissolve our fear.

Most of us do not even realise that we are in fear. We realise that we are stressed, but we fail to locate the root cause that generates tension, anxiety and restlessness. What this ultimately comes down to is recognizing that each of us has three core fears that limit who we are and what we can achieve.

These three fears are a fear of not being good enough, a fear of not being worthy and a fear of not being loved. When we realise that these fears are at the core of all stress, anger, negativity and despair, we can begin an empowering journey of transformation.

When we let go of these fears we return to the authentic ESSENCE of who we are. We return to being the free-spirited child who came into this world with a sense of adventure, curiosity and excitement. We break free from all our past conditioning and protective patterns. We drop our guard, open our hearts and begin to live with greater passion, enthusiasm and energy.

I was reminded of this free spirit that lives within each of us, when the song GYPSY, by Fleetwood Mac popped onto my playlist. Now, I have heard this song a thousand times, but on this occasion, the words touched me deeply. Especially this line:

“…To the GYPSY, that remains.

She faces freedom . . . with a little fear . . .

I have NO FEAR, I have ONLY LOVE.

And if I was a CHILD,

And that child was ENOUGH

Enough for ME TO LOVE,



The Gypsy is the wild woman/man that exists in all of us.  The authentic being who is dying to reveal themselves fully to the world.  And these heart-piercing words belted out by Stevie Nicks, reveal our utmost freedom- the freedom from the fear of not being good enough/worthy or lovable. The fear that led us to reject and shut down our own inner child- our own uniqueness and purity.

Imagine your inner child sitting on your lap right now. Imagine looking into their eyes and loving them as if they are ENOUGH- enough for us to love. Imagine seeing them as perfect beings- beautiful and gifted in their own way.

Imagine loving yourself THAT MUCH (UNCONDITIONALLY)! A love like that is limitless. A love like that means total self-acceptance and self-belief – a platform for us to drop our shields of protection and present ourselves fully without fear of rejection, abandonment, judgement, criticism or shame.

No mask. No games. No act. No people-pleasing. No perfectionism or needing to compare ourselves. No envy or pride. No shame or guilt. No desperately trying to prove ourselves and control people or situations.

Wouldn’t this be total freedom?

The last words of Gypsy sum it up: “I still see your bright eyes…It all comes down to you.”

In every moment we can choose to stay stuck in self-rejection or embrace self-love. We can stay stuck in limitations or we can soar in our greatness. We can submit to fear and default to our self-defeating ways or we can choose to BE LOVE- to love ourselves fully and choose to be free.

In case you don’t know or can’t remember GYPSY by Fleetwood Mac, here it is: