Happiness is Not for Chicken Shits

Every client I have worked with has heard my own personal mantra . . . Happiness is Not for Chicken Shits. For those who don’t know what a Chicken Shit is, it is a scaredy cat, a wuss or basically anyone who keeps themselves small and safe. It takes immense COURAGE to not only be happy but to be your own version of happy — your truth.

Society conditions us to ‘fit in,’ to ‘do the right thing.’ We are taught to please, to adapt and to compromise ourselves, sometimes even to our own detriment. We are also ruled by the mind and the nervous system, which prioritise our safety over happiness. We will do more to feel safe than put ourselves in a vulnerable position. Now being accepted and feeling safe are core human needs, but perhaps we can have both happiness and safety without compromising our truth.

There are other blocks that drain our authentic happiness, including the fear of change and the fear of uncertainty. We remain in the comfort zone of what we know to avoid change. And again, if we hide in our shell, we miss out on all the joy life has on offer. We miss out on the fun, we miss out on success and we fail to meet our full potential. In reality, the only constant thing we can rely on is in fact change. Life is always changing and transforming and we are always growing. When we move with the changes in life, we flow with the tides of our journey.

Often we face a life transition. This is when a chapter of our lives comes to an end and we are being prepared for our next challenge or adventure. This can be confronting, worrisome and we often resist the change instead of embracing it. And so, when we embrace the COURAGE to sculpt ourselves happy, we gracefully flow through the seasons of our lives with a sense of adventure, openness and calm. I, myself am about to embark on my next life transition. I will be reminding myself throughout the journey that true authentic and everlasting happiness is my choice and I have the courage to roll with whatever life throws at me.

Here are some other thoughts I tell myself when fear wraps its tentacles around my consciousness:

  • Remember that life on ‘Earth-School’ is all about Growth. We are constantly growing and every situation we face is there to enable our growth.
  • From pain comes growth. When we step into and face our pain, we clear out the memories and the blocks preventing us from growing. As we feel our pain, we heal our past and this allows us to be fully engaged in the here and now.
  • Trust in the process. Let the universe carry you. Trust that everything is happening according to a divine plan, even if you cannot see the outcome.
  • Be clear on what you want. Listen to your heart. Listen to what it’s asking for and be very clear around what your version of happiness is (let your heart guide you).
  • Trust in the process (read point #3 again).
  • Have Faith in your destiny. Everything will be okay.
  • Believe in yourself, listen to your intuition and follow your inner guidance.
  • Trust in the process (read point #3 again and again and maybe again).



Embrace your truth! Embrace your authentic self with trust, belief and faith. Have the courage to surround yourself with everything your heart desires. You are not only worthy of all this, it is your birthright!

So let’s take full responsibility for our success and remember that Happiness is not for Chicken Shits.

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