Flowing with the Tides of Life

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently spent some time on Heron Island. I was far away from the hustle and bustle, mindfully soaking up the lessons and blessings nature has on offer.

In addition to the lessons on selfishness and sacrifice, another observation I made was the noticeable difference between high tide and low tide. A system that revealed a mutually beneficial contract between the sun, the earth and the moon. High tide brought the Island an energy, an aliveness that flowed towards the shore filling the reef with sharks, rays, turtles and an array of multi-coloured fish. Low tide brought a stillness. A quiet. A sense of pull-back.

So it got me thinking about the different tides and cycles we experience in life. There are moments of abundance (whatever that may mean to you). In these times, life flows towards us with a graceful ease. We experience an abundance of love, finances and opportunities. We feel safe, peaceful and grateful.

Then there are moments of quiet. Life starts to feel stagnant and scarce. Often in those lull times, we worry and fear uncertainty. We tend to spend a lot of time in our heads trying to figure things out. We get stuck in planning, stressing or analysing.

The stillness offers us a blessing…

As I walked through the low tide, knowing that in a few hours my footprints would be buried by waves, I realised that the low tide had a special message. It offered a time of rest. A powerful pause and a moment for the Island to catch its breath. A moment to recharge so that it can manage the intensity it knows the high tide will bring.

Perhaps there is a purpose in those sling-shot stretches when everything feels to be pulling back and appears to be a struggle. In those moments we want to submit to fear, perhaps we can rest instead. We can use the low tide to catch our breath. To rest, digest and recharge. To fill up our tanks so that our vitality, creativity and productivity can thrive. With a full tank of fuel, we can pull the high tides towards us and ride the waves of abundance on its return.

This mindset requires a type of surrender. A process of letting go. We can let go of worry. Let go of predicting the future or needing to have a clear plan. We can let go of anticipating or overthinking. We can let go of our fear of uncertainty.

Once we surrender, we can embrace a mindset (or heart-set) of Trust, Belief and Faith. Trusting the process of life, Believing in ourselves and our destiny and having Faith that everything is working in perfect order.

A beautiful message from Mother Earth… Go with the flow and let the Universe love you!

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