Be Your Own Valentine

Today, as we celebrate the joy of love, how can you move beyond the fairy-tale idea of romance and decide to Be Your Own Valentine?

Being your own valentine means loving yourself more than needing someone to love you. It means attending to the most important person in your world- You! When we are filled with Self-Love we feel whole and complete- no one can love us more than we love ourselves.


So here are 6 ways to love you this Valentine’s Day:

1. Treat yourself

What can you gift yourself with to symbolize your self-love? Treat yourself to something that celebrates the gratitude you feel for being you. No need to wait for flowers, or turquoise boxes with white ribbons- fill up your own love tank.
2. Acknowledge yourself

Acknowledge what you have achieved in yourself, whatever that may be. Perhaps you reached or weight-loss goal or ended a difficult relationship. Or perhaps you simply fought the urge to buy that doughnut the last time you filled up your car. What are you most proud of in yourself? Validate that instead of beating yourself up or resorting to self-pity.

Actually use these words: “Today I am proud of you (myself) because (fill the blank).

3. Honour Yourself

How can you be true to yourself today and honour your true needs? Often we tend to people please and compromise what we ultimately need for ourselves. We tend to put us at the bottom of the list and attend to everyone else’s needs first. So today, how can you have integrity and honour your truth?

4. Forgive yourself

Okay, perhaps a little heavy for today. But think about how you can let yourself off the hook from something you have been blaming yourself for. Remember you are doing the best you can do with the resources you have, so be gentle and kind and let go of the past.

5. Accept yourself

How can you stop judging yourself today? What can you embrace and accept in yourself? Part of Self-Love is self-acceptance- the ability to be self-compassionate and own your uniqueness with grace and glory.

6. Believe in yourself

How have you been holding yourself back in fear? Another part of Self-Love is self-belief. Trust yourself, have confidence and go for what your heart truly desires because you create your own happiness and magic. Commit to something you have always wanted to do, challenge yourself with courage and conviction!

And with a full heart, you can now love all the special people in your life wholeheartedly with the same unconditional love and acceptance you give to yourself.

Enjoy X