A New Year’s Ritual to Help You Set Up Your Year

New Years is a great time of year to stop, pause and reflect on what we have achieved, where we want to go and how we are going to get there.

No matter where you are in your life, no matter what you are experiencing there is always a road leading you forwards- a road leading you to greater growth, new experiences and new connections.

Here is my favourite New Year’s Ritual to help you maximize this time, and ensure 2018 starts off with the right focus and intention.

Part 1: Reflection

1. Reflect back on 2017 and write down all the lessons you feel you have learned through any challenge or stress you have faced. For example, have you learned to speak your truth, stand up for yourself, back yourself, follow your heart, receive love, give love, forgiveness, compassion, follow your intuition, follow inspired action, let go of fear or negativity?

2. Now that you see the blessings, write a gratitude statement for each one:   “I am Grateful for experiencing… (Fill in the blank) because it taught me … (Fill in the blank).

3. Think of three ways which reveal how you have learned your lessons- for example, do you have a new thought pattern? Or have you introduced new habits? Do you have new people in your life? A new career? This answers how specifically you have learned the lessons you wrote for step 1.

Part 2: Intention

4. Now think about the year ahead of you. What would be the one emotion you would want to achieve? What one word would summarize the growth you would like to have?
For example Wisdom, courage, calm, compassion – how would this feeling change your life? How would it move you towards reaching your potential and living an authentic life? (Click here for a feelings list)

This powerful word sets the intention and the mindset you are going to create for the year. Anytime you are faced with a challenge you can use your focus word as a way of flipping your mindset- this is a way to bring yourself back to centre.

5. Now think of three goals (action steps) you can commit to which will help you achieve your feeling.
For example, if your word for the year is Courage, think of three goals you can commit to which will make you feel courage. You can now take a leap of faith by focusing on how great Courage is going to feel.

6. Write your focus word and goals on a single piece of paper in a spot you can see it daily. This will help keep you focused. As you tick off your goals, keep adding more to your list.

I would love to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of my tribe. Without you, I could not fulfill my purpose. I look forward to serving your soul with even greater passion and enthusiasm this year.
Each and every one of my clients continuously inspires me and reminds me to celebrate the power of the human spirit and will. When we put our mind and heart to something and fully commit we can achieve our deepest desires.

Wishing you a year filled with truth, freedom and overflowing with miracles.