Turn Your Stressing’s into Your Blessings!

This can be a tough time of year for many people. With end of year budgets, social commitments, end of year school concerts and final Christmas shopping, the pace is on and it can be super stressful.

The problem with the super stress is that it drains our joy and instead of being completely present and engaged in what we are doing we can find ourselves feeling scattered, drained, irritable, burnt out, short tempered and emotional.

There is one technique I  use every day that instantly brings me calm and returns me to joy, peace and happiness. No matter how ridiculous my ego-fear may get, when I use this technique it instantly brings me back to centre. This single technique uses one energizing emotion which shifts your attitude. Instantly you will be able to see a situation from a different perspective and have a positive reframe to focus on. If you read my last post on breaking the cycle of negative thinking, than you know the importance of a reframe.

Flipping your focus towards this emotion has magical effects…All you need to do is shift your focus towards appreciation and poof… you have an Attitude of Gratitude. Gratitude is the antidote to stress as you will begin to see how much you  have as opposed to what you feel you do not have. Your Attitude of Gratitude will instantly awaken you to a new, more joyous perspective.

And the best way to do this is to look at what you are stressing over and turn it into something you can feel grateful for. And so you turn your stressing’s into your blessings.

Because the pace is on and instant calm is what we need, here is a super quick exercise to help you.

Create a reflective space for yourself where you can focus on your thoughts and feelings. You may want to use a journal or a notebook to write down what you are feeling.

First reflect on what is stressing you and write it down.

What is stressing me?
What am I worrying about?
What is making me feel overwhelmed?
How are these thoughts affecting me?
What is my stressful thinking costing me?
What do I need to eliminate in my life?

And flip your focus towards your blessings:

What brings me joy?
Who makes me happy?
When do I feel most energized?
What activities can I do to feel more energized, calm, happy and centred?
What and who are my greatest assets in my life?
What do I feel most grateful for?

As you focus on your blessings list, notice how you begin to feel. Notice how it instantly uplifts your emotion and creates a more positive, optimistic and stronger focus. Notice how much joy and love you have present in your life. Notice how much you actually have to feel grateful for.

And now, take your positive energy and focus it towards your joy and celebrate all your blessings with your loved ones with more focus, presence and engagement. After all, probably the best present you can give your loved ones is your presence!

Enjoy x