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For close to a decade, I have been sharing my inspired thoughts on my blog. At first I explained them as the lessons to my lower self from my higher self, so each post is authentic and expresses how I navigate myself through adversity or negative thinking to be more resilient, optimistic and empowered.

Check out my latest blog posts:

  • A New Year’s Ritual to Help You Set Up Your Year

    New Years is a great time of year to stop, pause and reflect on what we have achieved, where we want to go and how we are going to get there. No matter where you are in your life, no matter what you are experiencing there is always a road leading you forwards- a road […]

  • How to Coach Your Thoughts

    One of the most challenging elements of emotional regulation is the ability to manage thoughts, especially those negative or stressful thoughts we seem to ruminate over. As if we are replaying a scene from a movie over and over, when we ruminate we get stuck in the same narration and the same episode of our […]

  • The Power of the #metoo Campaign and How it Can Help You

    I was a vulnerable 11-year-old, already scarred from my parent’s divorce. Mother Nature had blessed me with early puberty and an overnight D cup. I looked more like a young adult than a girl latching onto innocence. I was spending the night with a family friend and was swimming in their pool when the Dad, […]