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For close to a decade, I have been sharing my inspired thoughts on my blog. At first I explained them as the lessons to my lower self from my higher self, so each post is authentic and expresses how I navigate myself through adversity or negative thinking to be more resilient, optimistic and empowered.

Check out my latest blog posts:

  • 11 Ways to Deal With Difficult Emotions When They Come Up

    Self-development is not for the faint-hearted. This is especially true when emotional healing is involved. To clear past pain and be the best version of yourself demands courage, commitment and endurance to withstand challenging emotions when they erupt. To avoid pain we do three things: we distract, react or contract. We distract ourselves from feeling, […]

  • The Deep Yearning Within Every Soul

    When I begin working with clients, I ask them all the same question: What is your highest value? What emotion/mindset would you like to experience on a daily basis? For over a decade, I have received almost the exact answer each time… I want greater Peace and Happiness. And when I ask them what it […]

  • The Importance of Crying

    Most people avoid crying at all costs. Crying can make us feel weak, vulnerable, embarrassed or exposed. Having a good cry means that we have to face our feelings and confront difficult emotions- not a pleasurable task. Most of us have been conditioned to have a thick skin – to put on a brave face […]