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For close to a decade, I have been sharing my inspired thoughts on my blog. At first I explained them as the lessons to my lower self from my higher self, so each post is authentic and expresses how I navigate myself through adversity or negative thinking to be more resilient, optimistic and empowered.

Check out my latest blog posts:

  • What Nature Teaches Us About Selfishness and Sacrifice

    I recently visited Heron Island, on the Great Barrier Reef. I love being immersed in nature- there are so many lessons to learn. Whilst there, I learned about an interesting adaptation of the Island trees that helps them adjust to the harsh weather conditions.  In almost every tree there was one brightly coloured yellow leaf […]

  • Self-acceptance in Three Steps

    Self-acceptance is an essential element of self-love. To love ourselves fully we need to understand and accept who we are. This gives us self-compassion and the ability to design our lives in alignment with our truth. Self-acceptance does not always come easy. We are often hard on ourselves or focus on being the person we […]

  • 12 Lessons I learned While Writing My Book

    It has been a challenging few years. At the beginning of 2015, the voice of inspiration whispered to me, ‘it’s time to write a book’. From then on, that voice nagged and nagged until I surrendered. And so I wrote a first draft, and then a second draft and then a third draft and then […]